LOTD 06/10/15

You can’t escape  from me…the …..Truth

Heya! it’s me again, this time i’m not going to make promises about blogging every time….i’m a lazy ass in this period so i probably post  in random ways something that i realy like.  I’m still in to a Utilizator avis and doing costantly mods and stuff. So this is results, the best part is the sword that have a realy cool hud who let you change color and also the possibility to use Bump Animation.  Everytime i come back from my absence i introduce something new in my editing skills, i just like to improve myself and lear better quality on shadow and lights. But i’m super lazy to make something for the bg so…it will be plain =^=


Body: <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono
Skin: PANTSU*HUNTER thanako
Hair: .EMBW. Omegha Hair .Ombre I UNCOMMON !NEW!  Cure-Con Event
Eyes: Pixelation/ Canimod Eyes !NEW!


Jaket: krankhaus – Avatar 2.0/Kemono – Quilted Shrug
Top: Kemono – Short Top  (Come with Utilizator Body)
Pants: T. Combat Trousers
Belt: Fet!sh – Grenadier Belt – Black
Underwear: Kemono – Panties (Come with Utilizator Body)
Gloves: [BG] Tekker Gauntlets
Headpone: {anc} tuner. / headphone / vitaminpink
Gasmask: [whatever] Gasmask + Nina Collar
Sword: Taetra – War Sword !NEW! Cure-Con Event
Drone: [The Forge] O.R.B.


LOTD 24.12.14

She taste those lips and she like them so much to decide to keep them with her for eternity. No one knows that flavor was, if it was sweet or salt.

I’m back, i know  <.<” i’m late but in time to say MERRY CRISTMASS!!!! *w*/  As always, my looks ranging by periods, and this is one of my anime version. One of the most colorful I’ve ever done, and I love it because it has very quirky and vibrant colors. I really like to use this base, because it allows me to dare in many look really special and not to be never overloaded. Always seems to be missing a few details to give more depth to the character and therefore is a perpetual work in progressThe bases of utilizator, give a lot of freedom from this point of view you can make many changes and assemblages different never seem excessive or off topic. Currently this market is expanding rapidly and many creators are releasing products for this measure a viable alternative from classic avatar mesh that tend to get closer to a reality so sought.

16094065591_02a4c45605_o 15476327863_5d9118f0e8_o::Body::
Mesh Body: <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono
Head: <UTILIZATOR> – M3 Mesh Anime Head
Hair: [e] Studio – Essentials Collection
Eyes: .:: POMF ::. M3 Head/Kemono Head – Holy Eyes
BodySkin: ~utat~ Kemono Halflings Wishing Star by Raizou
Hat + Arms + Feet + Scraf : krankhaus – Stitched Together Mod –
Eyepatch: welldone.atelier / Medical Pach / Pink By Me (if you want it just nc me 100L$)
Shirt: The Secret Store – Betsy Halter tank – Aquarelle –
Shorts: <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono (shorts base)
Mouth: Mad Echo – Kitty Milk