·Reviews Policy·

Reviews Policy

First of all thanks for your visit and look at here. If you want me to review your items, i will be glad to do it!  Just contact to me via NC or directly when i’m online on SL . Dont send me IM when i’m offline they get capped and i won’t be able to read them  😦

SL Name: Kere Millar

FAQ & Info

– Before you send me your stuff, contact me by emal or NC, to warn me about you.

– Sometimes i’m slow to post things that you sende me, be Patient and Sorry for the delay.

– For other info just IM me (if it work) or NC in sl.

– Within the package, put the item that you would like me to blogging and notecard.

I have my own style and my time to choose the right things to put together , i love choose the right context for the look i made, i also love make stories about that character (yeah, when i make post, everytime i create different character for it). I’m not here just to put some funny or creepy pics with credits, i’m here to show some kind of interpretation how i see those things and tell to customers if this things are good enough to be bought. I suggest how creative you could be, i’m just a whisper of style. All those things take lil more time than normal post, i’m not a machine (so sorry for that) that print looks all days. That’s why i ask to be patient.



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