LOTD 06/10/15

You can’t escape  from me…the …..Truth

Heya! it’s me again, this time i’m not going to make promises about blogging every time….i’m a lazy ass in this period so i probably post  in random ways something that i realy like.  I’m still in to a Utilizator avis and doing costantly mods and stuff. So this is results, the best part is the sword that have a realy cool hud who let you change color and also the possibility to use Bump Animation.  Everytime i come back from my absence i introduce something new in my editing skills, i just like to improve myself and lear better quality on shadow and lights. But i’m super lazy to make something for the bg so…it will be plain =^=


Body: <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono
Skin: PANTSU*HUNTER thanako
Hair: .EMBW. Omegha Hair .Ombre I UNCOMMON !NEW!  Cure-Con Event
Eyes: Pixelation/ Canimod Eyes !NEW!


Jaket: krankhaus – Avatar 2.0/Kemono – Quilted Shrug
Top: Kemono – Short Top  (Come with Utilizator Body)
Pants: T. Combat Trousers
Belt: Fet!sh – Grenadier Belt – Black
Underwear: Kemono – Panties (Come with Utilizator Body)
Gloves: [BG] Tekker Gauntlets
Headpone: {anc} tuner. / headphone / vitaminpink
Gasmask: [whatever] Gasmask + Nina Collar
Sword: Taetra – War Sword !NEW! Cure-Con Event
Drone: [The Forge] O.R.B.


LOTD 3.04.15

Nyan Nyan Nyaa ~

Hello!I know everyone want smash me with this super big hammer…i was super busy in RL so i take really long time to edit all pictures that i took. (Yeah i took the pictures and take all style lists but didn’t have time to edit and put together everything).

But but babbulebut… This time i show you something different from usual, The Furry Look. I admit it i’m not an expert in this culture so probably put on or say some incongruent things, i’m apologize in advance.  It’s really similar to human looks but farther they had a lot of modifiables parts, like skins, tails feets and go on. I remember when we still have a mesh parts it’ was really difficult to make a cute and realistic style of those characters, because they had alot of stuff on and you can modify every parts you have on. Now with mesh it’s more simple but still have some issues with size especially when you want wear cloth for normal avatar.

This style of living/playing was really criticized, i still don’t know why :/ just because those person want to wear some animal part doesn’t mean they are strange. People can look strange even they wear a normal avatar. If some one want to talk about this argument just IM Me or send me Nc  😀 i’ll be happy to talk about.


Body: <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono
Skin & FurrCollar: Hello Grymmy! Space Spaniel Blue Kemono Mod! The Furry Fest 1° part
Hair: [taketomi]_Junko_Dessin !NEW! Kustom 9
Ears: ALTAIR* fluffy ears !NEW!
Eyes: .:CandyCutie:. Demonica X Eyes


Dress: { V I N C U E } Bowy+Dress – Mint !NEW! The Kawaii Project
Ribbon: ::Static:: Cable Ribbon The Furry Fest 1° part
LegWrap: [BB//MM] Kemono Leg Wraps
Hammer: *katat0nik* (sky) Heart War Hammer !NEW! Level UP!

Pose: //elephante poses// Tink #5

LOTD 17.03.15

I’m the little whisper in your head that says ” come with me, come for a new life without fear and pain”


I’m so sorry to be so late, i apologize for my delay with all Designers. This time i blog things from One Word like this super cute and fantasy dress. I feel like a princess with those cute birds that take my tape this remind me Cinderella when was dressed. This is like some siren or something like this, different from normal type of siren we know. She have a legs and can float in the air, that’s why i used those stockings, give the idea that this girl never touched the floor. The whisper siren.


Head: Genesis Head Penny 1.0 Actuality B-Day Gift
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dulce
Eyes: Genesis Head Cute Monster_1.0
Eyelashes: Genesis Head April 1.0 Latte


Dress: :Moon Amore: Aurelia Dress !NEW! One Word Event
Collar: .Atomic. {Gacha} Wish Master – Collar (Gold)
HairClip: ALTAIR*  sakura hairpins/clips @ ORIGAMI !NEW!
Headband: [CX] Star Flight Headband – Gold One Word Event
Stockings: antielle.  Baroque Corset Stockings “Sakurairo” ORIGAMI !NEW!

Typing Effect: *A* SakuraChatAnimation Red ORIGAMI !NEW!

LOTD 28.02.15

Do the impossible
See the invisible
Raw! Raw!
Fight the power!


I’m so sorry to be late, i finished this look days ago, but never have time to make a correct post. This time i wanna talk about my new obsession, SOCKS! Yeah, i don’t know why, but i noticed this in my recent post hahaha…and to cultivate this my little obsession i bought Maireya (one day i make a post about it..i hope it soon) body just to wear those amazing Stockings. I just love them, blood and tapes and super cute colours..yeah definitely perfect match.

rulerlook-215 ::Body::

 Mask: **DECO –  GROUP GIFT 9 2014**
 Hair: TRUTH HAIR Topaz !NEW!
Hands Blood: Quirky + Lovely Disarray – Little Death Dealer !NEW! Creepy Kawaii Fair!
 Nails: [CX] Ring Claws (Red) Common
Spehere in Hands: ::DB:: Mystic Mote Dropper – Purple
Halo: :[P]:-Madre Halos
Neck Tattoo: ::Axix:: 5th Chakra Tattoo 1


Dress: {VINCUE} ~ Koha+Dress – Raven !NEW! Creepy Kawaii Fair!
Stockings: Altair* & Quirky – Clumsy Princess High Socks + Appliers !NEW! ONEWORD
Necklace: +Spellbound+ Cursed Cookie Necklace // Purple/Black
Shoes: .tsg. Ruffle Platforms – Black – SLINK Flat

Pose: -TSH- Shrug Static Pose (Free Gift)

LOTD 24.02.15

Oppsy..i don’t do it on purpose.

Hello guys, this time i’m going to talk about this amazing head made by Genesis Lab. This is my first unusual try to in making something different with a mesh head, i love when a creator plays with the immagination and probably has fun (creepy but still fun, yeah?). The texture is really high-res and the detail of the skin is incredibly high (i secretly zoom it all the times to see the pore dots huahah), i finally found another head that puts the lips at the center of the attention, and that makes it a really cute and sweet aspect. If you zoom it you can see the highlight on the nose, the second thing that i really loved. With this head you’ll have 3 different eyes and another head without the shadow of the tongue and the blood on the eye, not too much but the quality is really good so…if you want something creepy and cute at the same time you’ll surely like this head. But there is a little problem, if we want to call it likethis. The head doesnt match the layer on the neck so, if you zooom really close you will see a little neckseam of the mesh. I noticed this thing         because i’m a maniac but if you don’t zoom it so close you’ll see nothing. I hope you like my look. See you soon…i hope >w>16449556250_b9051c527e_o 16449387018_a1250f3504_o::Body::

Head: Genesis _Head_Cute_Monster_1.0 !NEW! Past SHOWROOM
L Eye: Lovely Disarray – Ghoul Eyes : Set One !NEW! Creepy Kawaii Fair!


Dress: ::C’est la vie !:: Emma dress (black) !NEW!
Headband: ALTAIR*  imp maid .noire.
Socks: -SU!- Dripping Stockings SALMON !NEW! Creepy Kawaii Fair! 
Collar: .tsg. Good Kitty Collar – Black
Boots: *Epic* Bow.Stomp Boots! {Vortex} !NEW! Creepy Kawaii Fair!
Bag: Dear Deer Eyeball Bag [BLACK]

Pose: -.label motion.-Abbie pack

LOTD 15.02.15

Me…? You talk to me? Why? I am as important as the chair on which you sit, but I might be… beware.

Hello!! As always i take too much time, really slow to edit and assemble the look, i just want create character that have some feelings and show this feelings from the clothes. The first thing that i really appreciate is the “hat-mask” from the start i just wanted(for no particular reason) but didn’t know how to use it. Then i wanted to create something sexy but not explicit so this mask was perfect, i covered just the eyes part and the look changed a lot. The power of Details.

Bunny look-213::Body::

Skin & Mesh Head: *(OO)*YUKI_Mika 02
 Hair: (r)M Hair, No.30’14


Shirt: Third Eye. Basic Sweatshirt !NEW!
Skirt: PICHI – VALENTINA Tulle Skirt [white] !NEW! With Love Fair 2015
Scarf: GizzA – Fur Stole / Men [Gray] !NEW! TMD
HeadMask: Lark – Amaurotic Hare Mask – Black !NEW! Fresh
Tiara: [Modern.Couture] Jewelry – Davichi Black Tiara !NEW! With Love Fair 2015
Eyepatch & Neclace: *May’s Soul* Ephemeral beauty Enchantment!
Socks: DAZED. – Sparrow Faded Socks [RARE #2]
Shoes: -Pixicat- GeishaShoes (Old FLF)

Pose: Ribbon58

LOTD 06.02.15

I am your Shield and your Sword… The First Step. I the Flame that burns and consumes you… The Passion. I am your Obsession and Insecurity… The Jealousy. I am your Heartsmith… The Time. I have no factions nor flags, I am the longest war to ever exist on this planet, the force that every man surrenders to… I am Love.

Wea re so close to S.Valentins day and every store relese alot off cute things for this “celebration”. I don’t like this mediathic promotion of the “Love Day” because  no one think that probably some one hate Love or just be alone for entire life and this kind of things can hurt this person. I’m not romanthic at all and when i’m it’s not off course S.Valentine day, so my conception of love are realy different from “normal”. Back to the cutiest things that i mention before, i realy love the new Necklace maded by Mon Chery  the detail of the heart and every part of it is realy good, in my look i use some new items from the coming With Love Fair.


Skin: [PF]3 <Crystal> – Doll V2
Lips: .Loud Mouth. – Alli
Eyes: E. Divine Eyes v2 (16 Colors)
Eyeliner: Lovely Disarray – Mistress Eyeliners !NEW!  Fashion Fair
Tear & Lips: Lovely Disarray – Haunted Souls [Unisex]
Front Mark: + Tintable Mark of the Unicorn  +
Hair: Mithral * Lead !NEW!
Jaw: [][]Trap[][] Hexsight Cowl Jaw


Dress: !TLB – Sweetheart Dress/Grey !NEW! With Love Fair 2015
Shirt: [lady.fakessi] Turtleneck Crop – Milk !NEW!
Tights: C h a r y . – Geo Tights V2 (Tight 4) by Amberlee Martian
Gloves: RO – Azrael Gauntlets – Container
Neclace: MG – Necklace – Love Surrender !NEW! With Love Fair 2015
Earrings: MG – Earrings – Love Surrender !NEW! With Love Fair 2015
Headband: .DirtyStories. Rose Headband With Skull
Wings: Air_Saligia 4g)Pink_TM !NEW!
Shoes: .random.Matter. – Zula Platforms – Black/Silver

Pose: Label Motion Petal Poses