LOTD 3.04.15

Nyan Nyan Nyaa ~

Hello!I know everyone want smash me with this super big hammer…i was super busy in RL so i take really long time to edit all pictures that i took. (Yeah i took the pictures and take all style lists but didn’t have time to edit and put together everything).

But but babbulebut… This time i show you something different from usual, The Furry Look. I admit it i’m not an expert in this culture so probably put on or say some incongruent things, i’m apologize in advance.  It’s really similar to human looks but farther they had a lot of modifiables parts, like skins, tails feets and go on. I remember when we still have a mesh parts it’ was really difficult to make a cute and realistic style of those characters, because they had alot of stuff on and you can modify every parts you have on. Now with mesh it’s more simple but still have some issues with size especially when you want wear cloth for normal avatar.

This style of living/playing was really criticized, i still don’t know why :/ just because those person want to wear some animal part doesn’t mean they are strange. People can look strange even they wear a normal avatar. If some one want to talk about this argument just IM Me or send me Nc  😀 i’ll be happy to talk about.


Body: <UTILIZATOR> – Kemono
Skin & FurrCollar: Hello Grymmy! Space Spaniel Blue Kemono Mod! The Furry Fest 1° part
Hair: [taketomi]_Junko_Dessin !NEW! Kustom 9
Ears: ALTAIR* fluffy ears !NEW!
Eyes: .:CandyCutie:. Demonica X Eyes


Dress: { V I N C U E } Bowy+Dress – Mint !NEW! The Kawaii Project
Ribbon: ::Static:: Cable Ribbon The Furry Fest 1° part
LegWrap: [BB//MM] Kemono Leg Wraps
Hammer: *katat0nik* (sky) Heart War Hammer !NEW! Level UP!

Pose: //elephante poses// Tink #5



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