So you wanna clean your Inventory?


Who among us has said the famous words “I have to clean the inventory” followed by a deep breath, and then send it back saying “I’ll do it later, is not so messed up.

A force to postpone things, you always have less desire to do it but when enough is enough and in the end we rolled up ours sleeves to begin your epic cleaning, but don’t know where to start.With this tutorial I want to help and simplify your titanic enterprise to make it faster and less stressful than usual, because let’s face it, 80% of what we have in the inventory for us is a mystery, and we discover only on these occasions.

I will use my inventory as an example that has 36k of items, is not much compared to many of you who are between 100k and 70k but the technique that I propose will help you to fall in number (so it will load faster) and to make things much easier to find according to your needs. I also do an appendix for bloggers who are the category most affected by the disorder of inventory ( sounds like a disease XD ).

 screen1 screen2 (click to zoom img)

I’m using Firestorm 4.4.2 in Italian (the folders that I will already be in Italian but the examples will be made in English). The first step is to clump all objects in a single folder that I called! ” !ALL! ” (uppercase letters and exclamation points, make sure the folder will always be first, than the other).

The following step can be divided into 2. The first is for those who have never organized their inventory, and the second is for those who have already done so but he found himself again overwhelmed by things.

1 – For those who have never cleaned their inventory suggest you open all your folders and move all the contents in the folder! “!ALL!“.

2 – For those who already have a base of organization relate better advice to those folders by selecting the articles that interest us than not. Already doing so we eliminate a lot of our inventory and we simplify future work.

The next step is to release the Objects folder. Personally I prefer to open them all to be sure not to throw away something useful, but if you are sure that all those objects you have already elsewhere you can proceed with the cancellation.
Ps: We can often get packages even when we are off-line, so I say it is best to check even if you lose a lot of time.

Now we start from the folders as fixed Clothing and Body Parts. We begin to organize them as in this screen. The division I made it according to my inventory, you can use it as an example for yours.


Once you have created subcategories can select one of them and if you want you can further subdivide into more specific categories, such as color or fabric.


Once subdivided you just need to open the second window of the inventory, and start trying everything you have in the folder !ALL!











I recommend when you try things, don’t be too indulgent, if something you do not like don’t hold because for sure do not use it. Avoid phrases as “It will be used in the future” were justifying an object that you probably forget for the end of days. Certainly sorry to throw things away ( i’m the first us to keep every stupid, but then I find myself with things that I never used).
Don’t lose heart because this work seems to never end, it took you months and years to have all these items and for sure will not go away in a couple of hours. Better to do things slowly, leaving no stone unturned rather than doing things by halves.

Another point to thin your inventory are certainly the Notecard, it often happens that cleaning that folder go away about 1k (this is subjective), so highly recommended.

Another trick that I discovered is using the Search inside Inventory by eliminating unnecessary items within our folders, such as scripts and animations that are found after opening a box. They are quite annoying and weigh in a a relevant way inside the inventory.

Just enter keywords like:

Remove Me
Unpack Script
Hold bag Anim *
Hold Script *
Load Anim *

* Becarefull don’t delet important scripts


For bloggers recommend instead of creating a folder that collects all the new items they receive, so as to be always in step with the outputs, and be able to blogging on time all the news without getting lost in the chaos.

A subdivision as simple as this will be just fine then you can customize as you like.

– Dress

This is my method of organizing inventory, what’s yours? How long does it take to do that? I use it day, because I’m very undecided about what to keep and what to throw away. Let me know if the tutorial was useful at least in part.


3 risposte a "So you wanna clean your Inventory?"

  1. What do you do with appliers? Thats the main problem of mine :s I have a folder where I have ass and breast implant appliers because I’m worried if I sort those into my normal clothes folders they will get lost forever :s

    1. With apliers i make 3 folders( Feet, Butt, Boobs and Hands) in main folder Body Part, there i put only the skin setting. For the cloths you can add another subb category called Boobs or Butts.
      Skirt (main folder)
      Long (Under skirt folder)
      – Light
      – Dark
      – Butt (or Paht azz)

      in this case you can choose where to find your skirt for your mesh Butt 🙂 if you need or where search the simple skirt.
      I hope this example help you ^^


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