So you wanna be a Designer?

Hello again, today I would like to present the result of “So you wanna be …” The last time I looked at the topic of Bloggers, an area I know very well. Today I would like to venture into something more complex that I’ve gotten to know personally, or by reading different articles. A small guide to the designer or to become one. It is not gospel truth, but only the fruit of my experience so if I’m wrong let me know. :3

Certainly the beginning is the most beautiful, there is enthusiasm, hope, trust, uncertainty, and all those emotions when you start something new.I also love things like reading a new book has just been printed, or use a new pencil, but to create a store is something a little different a little more complex than it may appear (if you want to do well).

  1. Why? is the main question you should ask yourself or we can ask.why did you do choose, there’s something that made you do it? some passion, boredom, or simply because you need money and do not want to charge those rl.
  2. Are really sure of your choice? or is it a fluke?
  3. What you can do? well it seems obvious to ask but if you want to open a store means you do something or you wanted to learn to do it.
  4. Have fun at the end sl is a game and the store should be taken as this only leads to stress otherwise. do not tie yourself to commitments that seem too hard because then they lead you to give up soon.
  5. The name, must be something that represents you and gives the idea of what you sell. It must be catchy to attract the attention of the buyer just like in real stores.
  6. Personal conduct, be yourself, do not believe superior to others just because you have your own store and do nice things. You are a player of sl like many others, and if you claim to be treated with respect, as many do.

The place where you choose to put your new store is a basic soooo important. Because it will be the base or the mainstore to which all buyers may reference, and therefore must have a solid foundation.

  1. Location, i believe that any land may be fine, so avoid buying a land of your own, or rent server, because you do not know even if you’re lucky or not with this project, so go careful.
  2. Space, you been started yet? and don’t have many items, not splurge on larger businesses to you, with large spaces. Do’ot need it. You will make your articles just more wasteful (because then all you need to fill space). More walking for a large space to search for a thing is not at all pleasant, people like to have everything at your fingertips.
  3. Rent, here you have to pull out all your experience in terms of sl research. Is very difficult to find common ground with a suitable size and with a fair charge. So the calculator in hand and get a first idea of how many feet you need and how many prims you want to use.
  4. Land, did you choose the offer you require seems convegnente? not splurge on payments compulsive, but rather examined the life of the server (update status) of land, how serious is the agency or person who rents? how long this land is on and if you have had problems previously? I recommend you do to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as land disappeared without notice with all your money return to you a bunch of prim indecipherable.
  5. How to use the space we have? you need an idea of how you want the store, a skybox or a store with a beautiful garden in front, or other types of decorations that will take up Space and Prim.
  6. Prim, will be your headache then you should be able to make us feel everything you ever imagined in a certain limit of prim, so be very careful to be frugal and use decorative objects (albeit expensive) of a few prim, avoiding the lag, making it innavigable staying in your store.
  7. Style, surely you will have your taste and your style on how you want to decorate everything. Be original in a way that also reflects the idea behind the construction of the store. But if you can’t, also fine the stores ready to use, just find the one you prefer and use it as a base for the changes.

Now that we have our modest structure can switch to its internal organization and also external (or managment). Unlike what you think if you start with yourself is a job that may take time and perseverance. Hold on!

  1. FAQ, are very important, because to avoid flooding by IM or NC for any problem but above shall inform in advance the rules of the store.
  2. Let yourself be to know! You just have to make a bit of publicity, I mean the good one. Don’t spam at random but do subscribe to the groups for designers where you can announce your new creations.
  3. Use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Plurk. Surely increase your popularity.
  4. Bloggers can help you show off your creations, but remember to handle them well and check them periodically. Often they can be lazy, to avoid this I suggest you choose them personally.
  5. Group. There are many ways to manage groups of your store but basically serves to inform their fans of new releases or other important events involving the store. If you choose to make a group for a fee, to be a little more VIP, surely you must justify this expense with discounts, offers or gift.If you pass a long period where you have not released any of these three, immediately alerts members to reassure and make them understand that they have paid for nothing.
  6. Customer Service, be available with your customers, are the ones who spend money in your store and they deserve to be treated with kindness.
  7. Subscriber is very useful and is an extension of your group sl but much freer especially because you do not need to sacrifice one area of your 42 groups (which are never enough I would need at least 100)
  8. Satellites are extensions of your maintstore where you provided on average by 10,50 or 100 prims to display your creations. Are particularly useful because they allow you to get you noticed by more people. Be careful to choose with care the mall are often time events of short duration and lack of professionalism.
  9. Rooms is a new trend to show off your store, a room where each participant presents his own creation or theme created exclusively for this event.
  10. Fairs, an event theme that has often limited to a duration of one month where every Shop creating a set of designs based on that theme, or simply showing their latest releases. Very popular because in such a short period there is a large flow of people and therefore a great opportunity to show to others.

The juice of your entire business.

  1. Creativity, be original and creative so that your belongings will recognize from other very well.
  2. Inspiration, inspired by looking at fashion magazines and trend in the world. Often trends rl, sl same with the, if you want to be updated you should read a lot.
  3. Sharing if you have the opportunity to help someone who starts or asks you for advice, don’t deny it so brutal in the end all of us when we start looking for help. The success doesn’t depend on secret, but how you know to use what you have learned.
  4. Trends often tend to flatten the individuality of the store because if you buy something like all the other stores as well reproduce it and it spreads like wildfire homogenized whole market.
  5. Care, be precise in detail even though no one will notice them, then looking at a whole will have a big performance.
  6. Take your time, to get things done right it takes a long time especially at the beginning because you must take experience. Don’t worry there is nobody chasing you.
  7. Be honest with yourself and with your buyers, if a job has taken you less time and effort is useless it cost 300-200 linden, especially if you use ready-made templates.
  8. Be patient, do not give up and keep trying until you are satisfied with the work. Not always do what we want to succeed first.
  9. Test, try things before you sell them, often you may have missed something then you bring complaints in the future. You can use your friends to see if everything works and objects are of good quality or is there something to be corrected.

The way you manage and expose your creations.

  1. Size, must be acceptable not overly large nor too small, otherwise you risk needlessly taking up too much space or on the contrary you can not understand what it is.
  2. Demo, put it more available to customers (if necessary) so customers can try before you buy. Eliminate a large part of hassle.
  3. For delivery can use the simple buy or even use the appropriate script, the important thing is must to be clear.
  4. Good picture are always appreciated beautiful pictures because they capture the attention and entice you to buy. Care for it much, but do not deform the content because you risk to idealize too much.
  5. Gift to bloggers. Objects that sent to your bloggers try to compacted as much as possible with the attached notecard of information on the product in order to inform them as much as possible.
  6. Information, in the images of the vendors indicated precisely what it is about, avoiding the risks of misunderstandings.

And here I am at the end, I do not know if I wrote everything I probably missed something let me know if this is so. Maybe my vision is too much idealized of designers. XD

Ps: Excuse my bad english. ^^”



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