About a Mesh!

I know I’m late to talk about this news, because was released some weeks ago, but I was curious to wait the clothes come out to touch the possibilities of this news. For those who do not know what I’m talking about well you can read here:

First of all, what is it, exactly?The term “mesh” refers to an object that consists of polygonal geometry data. Essentially, it’s what you see in modern video games, special effects and 3D animation. It’s extremely flexible — and when it’s well-made, it can be way more efficient than the existing prims and sculpties you’ll find inworld currently. Mesh objects are first created in external programs, such as Blender or Maya, and then imported onto the Second Life grid. Once there, mesh objects can be manipulated in pretty much the same ways you would manipulate a regular old prim.

Mesh FAQ & Info:

Viewers that  support Mesh:

Where you can see and buy Mesh item Destination

After this quick overview, I turn to examine in detail the potential of the mesh, at least the current ones.
Preface that are personal observations quinidi may also be wrong, if they are, comment or send me an im will correct them. 🙂

I divide into 2 groups, the positive and negative.


  • There are pieces sculpt out of place.
  • Do not waste time ad’aggiustare the dress, fits perfectly!
  • The clothes are fluid as if it were true.
  • The skirts at last bend when you sit down!  Yaaay ❤ i’m waithing this for 2 year!!!!
  • The ability to use an infinite number of vectors to make things a lot more detailed.


  • Not all land yet support it (a matter of time).
  • Unfortunately, using the alpha layer you can wear only once, so you cant wear things like shoes or hair or other acessories that use alpha. (at least that are not incorporated in the future. For now i try on Firestorm and it worck when you have Add but i dont know if it worck on kirsten or SL 3.0).
  • If you lean the body over 90 ° such as poses, or sitting in the much more complex, the mesh deforms at the waist.
  • They have a standard size that you can not change, and then those with a shape larger than normal will be like a sausage.

As I mentioned are my observations I could be wrong, but are derived from direct experience with the mesh. I hope that the most annoying problems are solved 🙂
All in all I am very happy with the new news and I am sure that will become essential, showing great potential of Creators and Artists.


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