Fashon for Life!!

First, Fashion for Life is directly supported by the American Cancer Society. In previous years, we were an event that fell under the umbrella of Relay for Life events and because of that, we followed the rules and regulations of the in-world board of directors for the Relay for Life, including all directives for financial appropriation. Most residents saw this in our kiosks, which sported the RFL logo and sent monies to a specific RFL team. This year we are an independent entity, answering to directly to the American Cancer Society via their liaison, Stingray9798 Raymaker. That means all our rules and regulations are reviewed directly by the ACS and approved by them. No monies will be going to a specific team; they will all be going directly to ACS via the Relay for Life general fund. 
-Un consiglio contro la lag, andateci con pochissimi prims addosso ed evitate cose scriptate sul sito troverete una guida più dettagliata per migliorare la navigabilità delle 9 sim.
-In questa occasione mi sono arrivati i vestiti della prima vendor che con piacere posso mostrare. 

E questo è quello che ho scelto io con molto piacere ^^

Hair:!Lamb – Egomaniacal – Honeycomb
Dress: Vanitas Vesture – Languid Party Dress
Skirt: Vanitas Vesture – Meticulous Pencil – Olive 
Blouse: Vanitas Vesture – Nervouss Blouse – Gold


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